Hook Airmail script update: handle Airmail's occasional incomplete URLs


A Hook Airmail script will be released today to deal with the following contingency as noted.

When Airmail returns a URL that lacks a domain name (as it sometimes does), Hook’s Copy Link commands will create links of the form airmail://… rather than th usual hook://mail/… . If Airmail returns a well-formed link, Hook will create a hook://mail link.

We have only encountered Airmail’s incomplete links when more than one instance of Airmail has been installed on the Mac.


Hook Version 1.0-beta (2115) is now available (built 2019-03-07)

The fix is now available per Hook Version 1.0-beta (2115) - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum.

( 2019-03-08 11-18 AM: I corrected the build number. It’s 2115 not 2155.)