Hook To New > Obsidian

@LucB, is there an update on update on progress for Hook To New for Obsidian? Apologies if I missed a prior announcement. Thank you!

— Robert

Sorry for the delay, @rdr. And thanks for raising it again. We tried with their new interface for this last month, but couldn’t get it to work. At the time someone on the forum said they expected Obsidian to improve the API, putting information in the database (rather than the current support for inter-app communication which was file-based). We will look again.

Our community/ CogSci Apps would benefit from having an additional liaison to Obsidian (i.e., an avid Hook customer who is also an avid Obisidian user and who can spare the time to communicate on both sides), to keep track of that rapidly developing app.

I’d be willing to step in here. I’m using Obsidian and Hook intensively.


Thanks, @eMaX , That is much appreciated. I’d love to know where they are at with an API that can support Hook to New, and when they intend to update their API for the other Hook functions.