Hook now supports the Postbox email client


Today we added support for ​Postbox email client to Hook via Hook’s integration script service (integration script version 36). You can trigger an update via Gear menu or Hook > Preferences > Update tab. Version 36 has the Postbox update.

If you’re a Postbox user, we’d appreciate you letting us know of your experience with this.

Build 2317 of Hook Version 1.0-beta is now available

This is now in Hook itself (build 2317) (as opposed to only via Hook’s ntegration service).


When I link to a Postbox email message, Hook thinks it is an Apple Mail message and tries to open it in Apple Mail.

Solution is to change return "email://" & messageId to return "x-postbox-message://" & messageId in the “Get Address” script.


a few problems with that approach are:

  1. your email links will not be shareable with others who use a different email client.
  2. you yourself wouldn’t easily be able to use the links in other email clients should you change later.
  3. your future possible iOS integration will be limited.

The approach we recommend is: in the Hook > Preferences > Favorite Apps tab, you can configure the default mail app. Hook will map hook://email links to the Selected app accordingly