Hook links not working between computers

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When I try to open Hook links created on one computer on another using spotlight (i.e. copy and pasting the Hook file path e.g. hook://outlook/289823) nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?

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On the Linkable Mac Apps – Hook page (and elsewhere) we refer to Outlook’s limitation:

In Outlook, Hook relies on Outlook email IDs because Outlook does not provide a way to access emails by RFC-compliant email IDs. Archiving Outlook Exchange emails, or other events [à la Microsoft] may change the IDs. hook://outlook email URLs are not shareable or usable across different Macs

for those who are interested in the technical stuff: RFC 5322 - Internet Message Format. Apple Mail and the other supported mail apps expose RFC compliant email IDs.

we’ve studied the matter and there does not seem to be a way around the Outlook issue.

At least to the extent that Outlook is being used with an Office 365 email account, can you solve it by retrieving the Outlook Web URL for the message? Zapier is able to identify a unique URL for any Office 365 email so there must be a way to do this somehow

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Thanks @LucB. I’m enjoying Hook so much I’ve decided to switch to a different email app - one that plays well with Hook.

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Thanks, @rkaplan. I’ve asked a dev here to have another look —after the upcoming 2.0.

Thanks - much appreciated