Hook Integration with Outlook Calendar

Hi all,

I’d like to link Documents to outlook calendar entries. I managed to link eMails in outlook, however somehow I am unable to link to a calendar entry.

Does somebody know how I can hook to outlook calendar entries or is this a bug/feature request?

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @authsec. Oddly, I think this is the first request for Outlook Calendar. According to the documentation, it seems like this would only work with Exchange (the only ID I can see is exchange id). We’ll have a look.

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Yes, I’d like it too. Especially as calendar entries nowadays often contain essential video links!
Also Outlook Contacts!

In the mean time, what I do is to search for the item in HoudahSpot, and link to the file it finds.

(@LucB that suggests there is an underlying ID to find)

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I’d really like to second that request.
also for outlook mails.

Would be the tools for my omnifocus and GTD work.

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Thanks! It would be awesome if this works!