Hook integration scripts v. 85 includes support for VNote. (while versions 83 and 84 updated Apple Notes and added Margin Note, respectively)

Hook’s integration scripts have been updated as follows:

  1. version 83: Apple Notes support updated (noted earlier),
  2. version 84: Margin Note support added, and
  3. version 85: VNote support added.

As noted earlier, version 84 of Hook’s integration Scripts (and hence items 1 and 2 above) were included in the Hook productivity app 1.3. For those of you who prefer updating Hook via its DMG, the VNote update will be in 1.3.1 too.

Out of the box

LibreOffice users will be happy to know (or might already be enjoying the fact) that, although we hadn’t mentioned this previously, Hook integrates “out of the box” with LibreOffice. (This means Hook does not need integration scripts to work with it.)

The Hook app does not yet automatically add LibreOffice templates to its template folder (for “Link to New”). However, you can add custom templates if you like (in the Templates Folder). We expect soon to update Hook to include LibreOffice templates in the built-in templates for systems that have LibreOffice installed, so that they can automatically see them in Hook’s handy “Link to New” menu.


Thanks to everyone who contributed information and/or integrations, and/or anything else, including your attention.