Hook integration scripts v. 68 to 72: Updated support for Firefox, nvUltra, EagleFiler and Bear apps. New support for GoodTask todo app

Here is a description of recent updates to Hook’s integration (Scripts versions 68 to 72). In sum, we’ve updated Firefox, nvUltra and EagleFiler integration; we’ve added support for GoodTask todo app. And you can now use Bear in Italian.


  • Version 72 (2019-08-27). We rewrote the Firefox integration script to remove reliance on keypresses. This will prevent a flickering issue reported by a user, and make FireFox support generally more robust.
  • Version 71 (2019-08-27). Added support for GoodTask to do list manager. The following caveats apply:
  1. Hook’s integration with this app gets information from its “Details” pane. So if this pane isn’t open it, Hook opens it.
  2. GoodTask doesn’t link to calendar events, just to todo tasks…
  3. GoodTask links use the title of the item. So if you rename an item it breaks the link. And if you have more than one item with the same name, they all produce the same link. And the link will lead to the most recent item with that name.

We’ve notified the GoodTask developers regarding the issue. Hopefully, the GoodTask developers will also make their addressing scheme more robust.

  • Version 70 (2019-08-23) Added support for Reveal file in Finder in nvUltra and EagleFiler.
  • Version 69: HoudahSpot changes, previously discussed in forum as “68”.
  • Version 68: Internationalization: Bear is now supported in Italian.

Links to apps mentioned above along with their slogans

  • nvUltra: “Searchable, portable, MultiMarkdown notes.” It is currently in beta.
  • EagleFiler: “Organize, search, and archive your e-mail, Web pages, files, and miscellaneous scraps of information.”
  • GoodTask "Task Manager with iOS/Mac Reminders & Calendar; app developed by ha ha Interactive.
  • Bear: “Notes for iPhone, iPad and Mac”.
  • HoudahSpot: “Powerful File Search Tool for Mac”


Stay tuned for a new update to Hook containing important new features, more internationalization, and more.