Daylite support added, HoudahSpot updated (Scripts v. 67 and 68)

Recently, I began to blog about Hook’s many financial applications. Along these lines, as requested by a Hook customer, we have added support for Daylite software, which is developed by Marketcircle. That is in version 67 of Hook’s integration Scripts.

We have also improved HoudahSpot integration in Scripts version 68.

Integration Script updates (visible on Preferences / Scripts panel) are available dynamically when checking for updates or automatically (if enabled), as described on the Updates Preferences tab, even without relaunching Hook.

If you’re a Daylite user, please let us know what you think.

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Hook today (8/22) is telling me the bundle version is v69?

Thank you for letting us know, @katie_v. Sorry for the confusion on revision numbers. I’ve published a topic on recent integration scripts:

Hook integration scripts v. 68 to 72: Updated support for Firefox, nvUltra, EagleFiler and Bear apps. New support for GoodTask todo app - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum