Hook integration scripts v. 104: Adds support for 2Do app by Beehive Innovations

Version 104 of Hook integration scripts is now available.

In response to a Hook user’s request, we have added support for the 2Do app which is developed by Beehive Innovations. “GTD, XYZ and everything in between. A powerful task manager.”

Use cases galore

It is often very useful to link tasks with the resources that they involve, so that you can instantly navigate between them. For instance,

  • If you are writing a new document, you might want to link your tasks about it to the document itself.
  • If you are doing software development, you might want to link a folder in Git and/or your local drive to your development tasks.
  • You might also want to link tasks to issues and bug tracking systems (e.g., Bugzilla, Trello).

That way, you can immediately navigate from the resource to your next task pertaining to it, or vice versa.

The possibilities are endless.

We hope 2DO users will enjoy the integration. If you use 2Do with Hook, please feel free to spread the word about their interoperability :slight_smile: .

Meanwhile, looking forward

We have been busy implementing substantial extensions to Hook requested by customers. We look forward to publishing them soon.

How to get the update

You don’t need to relaunch Hook to obtain integration updates. Hook’s software update / check automatically tries to install the latest integration scripts. Automatic updating can be enabled or disabled.