Hook community thoughts on how Hook should do Deep Linking in Chrome?

We at CogSci Apps have a deep linking project. Google’s got something relevant to that for the web. (I’m creating this topic in Brave…)

How would Hook users like Hook to support this: Google’s new Chrome extension lets you link directly to specific text on a page - The Verge ?


Sounds like a nice idea – but that article said it is unreliable, so maybe that means “not ready for prime time”?

Also, web pages change – many times dynamically – or the page is generated on the fly based on a query on an commercial site. So if you Hooked to a selection on a page that gets rewritten frequently, then the Hook would be fragile and fail.

Personally, I don’t feel a deep need for Hooking to text on a web page. I would more likely clip that page into DEVONthink or Evernote or somewhere offline, and then Hook to that offline source.


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It seems quite solid to my testing

While I agree it would not make sense to use it on a dynamic web page, there are some major categories of static web pages where this feature is immensely useful. Major examples include links to academic articles, legal rulings, or published news stories.

Chrome for Mac is my main browser on the computer, and I now understand that Google has been using this deep-linking feature to take me directly to place on a web page that contains my search terms. It has worked quite well and quite consistently.

Yes, I’d LOVE to see this integrated into Hook. I’m getting into the habit of invoking Hook + Command-C for all the links I want to make, including copying a web page URL.

Here is the deep dive into the standard:


are we chrome deep link yet?

Interesting to see there is apparently a proposed standard for this feature

Google has now embedded this feature into its app without the need for an extension. While that is a great feature, it does not work on Safari or any other browser as far as I can tell.

Is Google using a proprietary standard or is it possible/probable that other browsers will adopt interoperability with this feature?

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very pertinent. Has anyone checked whether there’s automation for it that local software access per Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking?
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