Hook Version 3.4 Public Beta now available: Improved search and more

Hook Version 3.4 Public BETA (4592; Integration v. 191) is now available for download from its release notes page.

Hook 3.4 public beta in a nutshell

  • :tada: Hook Search improvements (immediate listing [like a Bookmarks view]; paginated search; implicit pattern matching)
  • :tada: You can now also invoke Hook from the Safari and Finder Share menu.
  • :tada: : Copy Selection and Link is now supported in Safari, using Safari’s Share Menu > Hook menu item.
  • IMPROVED: Hook now works better with additional monitors (displays).
  • software integration updates.
  • other improvements.


  • 2021-12-13 19:50 :Deleted redundant URL
  • 2021-12-13 9:59 PM: Added bullet about Copy Selection and Link.

I’m still seeing the old link, not the new 3.4 link.

Thank you. I’ve deleted the bottom URL.

FYI : added bullet re Copy Selection and Link is now supported in Safari, using Safari’s Share Menu > Hook menu item.

Really really enjoying the search improvements!

Will it be possible to delete bookmarks?

Also, some initial feedback… it would be helpful if there was a bit more clarity on what page was currently selected in the search page. Maybe only underline the page that the user is currently viewing :man_shrugging:… that being said, great beta so far!

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all feedback much appreciated.

it remains the product road map as an important feature to deliver.

Could you take a screenshot of the top part of your System Preferences > General so we can see your settings? i.e., light or dark mode? accent color? highlight color.

thank you!

Absolutely! Here is a screenshot of System Preferences ➤ General.

I also included a screenshot of my bookmarks in search in case it is helpful.

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Hook 3.4 Public BETA 2 (4596; Integration v. 191) – Hook is now available

  • NEW: Advanced preference. From Terminal do defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook hook.window.position.ignore.key-focus 1 to manually control on which display Hook is presented, regardless of what window has the focus.

Hook 3.4 (4599) Public BETA 3 is now available. In addition to the above:

  • IMPROVED the efficiency of loading Hook contextual window when there are pinned items.
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Hi @LucB – from the search window, is there any reason why you need to hit “tab” to switch to your search results? I’m just kind of used to Alfred where you can just begin navigating your search results by hitting the down arrow… Why can’t this be the same in Hook?


me too. we ran into a snag with that. It will get fixed; possibly as part of a bigger change where the search window will stand alone with pinned, recent , etc.

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Closing this topic as we have released Version 3.4 (4602; Integration v. 191) (non beta). Please see 3.4 official release - forum topic for more conversation on this.