Hook community thoughts on how Hook should do Deep Linking in Chrome?

We at CogSci Apps have a deep linking project. Google’s got something relevant to that for the web. (I’m creating this topic in Brave…)

How would Hook users like Hook to support this: Google’s new Chrome extension lets you link directly to specific text on a page - The Verge ?

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Sounds like a nice idea – but that article said it is unreliable, so maybe that means “not ready for prime time”?

Also, web pages change – many times dynamically – or the page is generated on the fly based on a query on an commercial site. So if you Hooked to a selection on a page that gets rewritten frequently, then the Hook would be fragile and fail.

Personally, I don’t feel a deep need for Hooking to text on a web page. I would more likely clip that page into DEVONthink or Evernote or somewhere offline, and then Hook to that offline source.


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