Hook 1.0-public beta build 2014 is now available (built 2019-02-12)

Announcing a new version of Hook beta: Version 1.0-beta (2014) built 2019-02-15

It is available for Download here.

Thanks to members of this forum who generously provided feedback on Hook public beta!


We fixed an issue with the newly introduced JavaScript support that affected nvALT and potentially other apps (cf. Issue 2279).

ID Comp Summary
3124 InputW: Status bar links to current documents are broken. Solution: just refer to the item’s name
3130 Default Hook crashes when Mac is idle in context of a web browser
2279 Default FIX issue with “Support Javascript as Script Editor alternative to AppleScript language”
3135 InputW: ACCESS LINKED ITEMS when nvALT: fails


3108 InputW: Disable “Link to Copied Address” when current resource is already linked to copied address

Apologies, we failed to note yesterday that this release also fixes an issue with Bear, as discussed here. [FIXED] Bear: doesn’t work for existing notes - Bug Reports - Hook Productivity Forum.