[FIXED] Bear: doesn't work for existing notes

I’m trying a basic use case: linking a Chrome URL to a Bear note. It works great with you use “Link to New” Bear Note.

However, it doesn’t work when you want to link to an existing note: in this case, “Link to copied address” is greyed out.

Thanks for pointing that out, richlin71. We’ve verified that there’s an issue with Bear. I don’t think it is specific to its interactions with Chrome. We will be on it this evening (Pacific time).

Sorry for the delay in responding. This was fixed in Build 2014, released yesterday. But due to an internal communication lapse, the internal bug report was not updated, so it was not included in the release notes, or in this thread.

We noticed a new issue, however: the Hook window in the context of Bear does not get focus. The work-around is to click on the Input Window, thereafter you can navigate with the keyboard (until the window is closed and presented again).

We are working on that.