Google Docs Markdown links (pasted into Roam Research)

On version 2.1. When I copy a Google doc as a Markdown and paste the link (into Roam Research), I am getting a weird result that ends in “Google Docsurl:” and then keeps the full url in the paste, in a second line below the doc’s title. Is this a bug in the way the markdown is being copied or pasted?
Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 9.14.31 AM

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My working guess is that this is an issue with how Roam in displaying the links… Will keep investigating, but appreciate any Hook insight if there is any relationship.

Are you copying a local Google Doc? The Google doc or spreadsheet files saved on the disk is not the “actual” (complete) doc or spreadsheet file; it’s similar to a .hook file that contains a URL. When a user clicks the google doc file in Finder, the file redirect the OS to open the file on Google Drive (website) using the browser.

Supposing this:

  1. in a web browser, access a Google Drive spreadsheet
  2. Copy Markdown Link
  3. paste in a text editor
  4. use the URL in there

this works, proving that Hook is doing its thing.

See also: Hook and Roam research - Discussion & Help - Hook Productivity Forum, which discusses some limitations of Roam. I don’t currently have a Roam subscription, so I’m not in a position to see if Roam has dealt with the limitations mentioned in that post. (Those limitations are not specific to Hook.)
So I am moving this topic to the Discussion category. If it seems like a Hook bug, we’ll move it back. And I’ve added " (pasted into Roam Research)" to the topic title.