Hook and Roam research

Roam users may be interested to learn that you can use Hook with Roam (Roam research) as follows.

  1. Copy Link on a Roam page, and use anywhere.
  2. copy any link or simple URL, then use Hook to Copied Link on a Roam page.
  3. Hook has a handy Copy Markdown Link that you can use on all linkable resources. You can paste markdown links in Roam, hit the return key, and Roam gives you a live named link.


  1. If you use Hook’s Copy Link on an object and then paste in Roam, Roam actually uses the name of the link, not the URL.
  2. if you paste a URL (e.g., copied from OmniFocus without Hook, or from plain text), that link will not be live, it will be plain text. So rather than using the app’s native Copy as Link , you’re better off using Hook’s Copy Markdown Link to paste links into Roam if you want to be able to click them.

Above is my understanding/experience anyway. Roam is evolving fast.

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When I use Roam Research in the Google Chrome web browser, then I can copy deep links from Roam Research with Hook. However, when I use the Roam Research MacOS app, then I can only get a Hook link to the Roam Research Application = Roam Research.app.

How come deep links are not available when using Hook via Roam Research MacOS desktop application? Do I have to enter a script or something like that?

Thanks !