Get Right-Click Menu Back After Dropbox Update

I was loving the new ability to right-click on a file and get the shortcuts to Hookmark. Then Dropbox updated and moved its folder to within the ~Library folder and now the dropdown option is gone. (I’m seeing this with other apps as well). Dropbox is requiring this update/change as this solves problems Dropbox has had with their set-up.

Dropbox moved files into the System folder to “utilize Apple’s updated File Provider API to more deeply integrate with macOS.” BUT… many apps are designed to ignore and not modify system files (to avoid causing hiccups)…

I couldn’t find any notes about this here on Hookmark. Is there anything in the works to get that right-click menu back with Dropbox? I’m guessing this is causing problems for many software developers.

The right-click menu works great in non-Dropbox folders (Desktop, Documents, etc). For good or bad 99% of my files are in Dropbox.

Thank you! - Paul

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Thank you for reporting this problem.

We will have a look.

Please let me know if this gets fixed. I hope its soon!

Thank you for your patience, @ideasandbox , @aelliott1285 .

Hookmark will also have the same problem with iCould drive. Apple won’t allow third party Finder extension for those folders.

Here is a work around you can try.
Copy Link(s).shortcut (22.3 KB)

Could you please try this “Copy Link(s)” shortcut? After you install this shortcut, The “Copy Link(s)” menu item will appear in “Quick Actions” menu of Finder context menu.

After you download the shortcut, please double click on it, add it to Shortcuts.

I am not sure the setting of this shortcut will change or not on your mac, but here is the setting it should look like when you open it in Shortcuts app(setting is in right side panel). You might also need to give AppleScript permission to run on your mac. The system will ask you when you run it.

Please let us know if there is any problem

Thank you

Thank you! That’s a super clever work around, and it works. The “only” think I noticed is the confirmation pop-up says “aa” so I went in and changed it to “Hookmark Link Copied!”

I also changed the icon for the shortcut to the infinity symbol!

Sorry about that, @ideasandbox .

I just updated the shortcut in the previous post. Also post it here:
Copy Link(s).shortcut (22.3 KB)

Thank you

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screenshot of the error is attached

Sorry about this issue, @yashodhankhare .

I haven’t been able to reproduce it.

What’s your Hookmark version?

Does it happen to a particular file or all files? What if you run the shortcut again for the same files?

Could you also try restarting Hookmark?

Thank you

It keeps sayign apply the original license before applying the updated license - lease send me ALL the licenses and the chronology in which I am supposed to apply them - this is too confusing

Version is 6.0.1

Sorry to bother you guys again. I will tell you what I am doing:

I am copying thwe above updated shortcut to my desktop, then unzipping it and it gets added to my shortcuts.

Then I right click on a file in finder, then I click on the QUICK ACTIONS menu and it shows ‘COPY LINKS”, which I click and then it says that it wants to run some AppleSCript which I say YES to and I het an eroor message of the attached screenshot.

Sorry about this issue.

I am trying to reproduce the error on my mac, but no luck yet.

For the same file, if you run the script again, does it make any difference? If you restart Hookmark, then do copy link for the same file, will it work?

What’s your macOS version? Hookmark version?

Thank you

Heh Paul - fancy seeing you here :slight_smile:

Just say - very clever - thank you and it works.

Well, now I am totally confused it was in and working. I went away and came back - and now it is not. I deleted the short cut and reinstalled. It once more worked - and then disappeared again? Any ideas?

LATER - and it is back again … inconsistent behavior is all I can say … so got me to wondering about the conflicting extensions rule you mentioned.

When I look in extensions - I had loads of them so went through and unchecked a number of them - including drop box and gdrive - just to see what was different - answer - nothing :frowning: Also even when it did work 0 I never get that pop up saying Hookmark copied …

You mentioned iCloud - I actually keep my desktop and documents synched with iCloud = so - is it possible that this is my problem?

I am now like a dog with a bone on this one !!

Thank you

Sorry about this issue, @JohnP .

Could you please go to Settings->Extension->Finder, see if the shortcut is turned on?

Thank you

Hi hi hi! Yes, I love Hookmark! They’re all over my Todoist app giving me quick links to stuff I need to do! → Hope all is well for you and your family!

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all good - all good - currently enjoying wild rain in New Zealand.

It is

That said - I have been having a look around this morning, I do wonder if my problem is to do with the fact that most (all) of my docs live in ‘documents’ or ‘desktop’ - both of which are synched to icloud - and I often find that a file has the little cloud beside it - i.e. up on the cloud and not local = until I pull it - and wonder if that is an issue - tho I have got docs that are local - and still cant see the context Hookmark menu

Sorry, I meant Finder for Quick actions, preview, @JohnP .

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Yes - I just looked - and yes definitely checked.

And so to be clear - when I right click on a file - I do see the short cut listed inside of Quicklinks - and that works - but from time to time I see the link choices themselves in the actual menu - and I am assuming that this is what the shortcut should be doing - if not and it is just providing the Quicklinks short cut in the menu - I do have that.

This all started because it was said that the Hookmark extension doesn’t work if there is another extension - Hookmark to me is more important than a lot of the shortcuts - I presume it would work if I disable the ‘bad’ extension - but which one? More than happy to take out dropbox and google if that would fix this?

Thank you