[FIXED] Problem with new Hook behavior on clicking menu bar icon

Now that Hook’s behavior has been changed so that clicking on the menu bar icon opens the main hook window, a few concerns:

  1. Clicking on the menu bar icon when the hook window is open should close it. I realize I can also close it by hitting the escape key, but it is more intuitive (at least to me) to close the window if I want to dismiss it by clicking a second a second time on the menu bar icon.

  2. There no longer appears to be a way to use the menu bar icon to open the popup menu with preferences, etc - so now you need to open the main Hook window and use the gear icon. Option-clicking on the menu bar icon should open its drop-down menu, which would be consistent with how MacOS overall handles menu bar icons with added functionality.

I put this in bug reports, although I’m not sure it doesn’t better belong in feature requests.


Many thanks for this input.

Good point. I agree.

I think you mean what we’ve been calling the menu bar window.

In any event, that’s a bug. Option-clicking Hook’s menu bar icon is supposed to present the menu bar window. (We even have a tip about the intend behavior in two places in the UI: Hook window status bar, and in the Preferences window > General (tab).) Our bad.

⌘, is still the keyboard shortcut to access Preferences, but then you need to access Hook window or menu bar window to get there.

Yes, a bug per above.

Thanks for letting us know.

If all goes well, we will release a new build this evening that fixes the bug and implements @nlippman’s suggestion.

We have fixed the bug reported above, and implemented the suggested feature:

Hook Version 1.0-beta (build 2138) is now available (built 2019-03-13) - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum

Thanks again for your feedback.