[FIXED] Link to nvALT file does not work


When pressing return on a nvALT related hook file does not work (nothing happens).

When clicking on the link in the status bar nvALT hooked file is opened. See image below

== feek

Thank you. A couple of recent changes have broken compatibility with nvALT. One of them has to do with JavaScript support in last build (which should not be applied to nvALT). But there’s an earlier issue to do with URL encoding/decoding.

Very sorry, we need to extend our regression testing.

I expect a fix to this to be published early next week.

No problem :slight_smile: That’s Beta testing for :slight_smile:
== feek

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We’ve fixed both issues. We will do more testing and release asap.

The JavaScript issue affected Hook’s integration with other apps (possibly even OmniFocus). (It was a side effect of setting up support for Drafts and other JavaScript apps.) More on that later.

These issues have been fixed in the latest build (#2024).

Thnx! Works OK now!
== feek