[FIXED] Hook menu icon invisible in dark mode

With dark menu bar and dock switched on (OS X 10.13.6 High Sierra) the Hook menu icon (Hook 1.0-beta 2222) is indistinguishable from the dark menu bar. Needs a white-on-dark Hook menu icon.

oh, not good. so this is not what you see? (My test is with 10.14.4 (18E226)):


How did you enable dark mode on High Sierra? something like this: Enable Dark Mode in High Sierra, Sort Of ?

I’ve asked a developer to look into it on 10.13.

Anyone seeing this on 10.14?

I’ve put Hook in Dock to see if it would make a difference , but it doesn’t. Maybe I’m missing something?

Here it is with Dark Mode set in General system preferences (not Hook preferences):

Here it is in normal mode:


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Marking as fixed (in 2019-04-19 Version 1.0-beta (2259))