Build 2259 of Hook Version 1.0-beta is now available

Hook Version 1.0-beta (build 2259) is now available for download via Hook’s download page.


  • Fixed a problem that made Hook’s menu bar icon imperceptible when the menu bar was in dark mode (pre macOS Mojave). (Issue 3320)
  • Hook now ensures Link to New from web pages and other sources that have very long titles (as is now common with Twitter) works as expected, given the 255-character limit of macOS file names. (Issue 3318)
  • Fixed a crash related to processing certain URLs (Issue 3285).
  • Ensured that Hook > Preferences > Script Editor tab updates dynamically after scripts are updated from the server (Issue 3334).


  • Display beta build expiration date in Hook > Preferences > Update tab (Issue 3327).
  • Added support for BusyContacts (Issue 3326) app.


  • Other underlying changes.


Thank you to all users who reported issues on Hook’s Forum or through other communication channels. Some of the Issue links above are to Hook forum posts that led to the fixes.