Cardhop Integration


It would be fun if you could integrate Cardhop (here: I greatly prefer it over Contacts.


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Build 2259 of Hook Version 1.0-beta is now available

I don’t use Cardhop, but in a similar vein I would find integration with BusyContacts very useful.

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Thanks to both. Integration with contact software is an important set of “use cases” for Hook. Hopefully they can be automated, we’ll check, per Integration – Hook.


BusyContacts has a identifier and URL scheme of sorts


but AppleScript support far grabbing that data appears to be non-existent. One would need to use GUI scripting to get the URL from the main menu command, which by default has no shortcut.

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We’ve added scripts for BusyContacts. They will show up in the next build and on server.

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the BusyContacts scripts are now on the server.

They are on the server. You need to restart Hook to see them in the Script Editor Preferences pane (that’s a bug which we will fix (related to the recent improvements to Update tab; it should auto update).

Please note: when doing Link to New > BusyContacts, if you do not populate the contact, it might be deleted. We will investigate this further.

If you encounter issues, please let us know.


Works fine for me. Thank you!