[FIXED] Can't hide startup tutorial (distinct bug)

The tick box to not show the startup video is off the bottom of the screen (13" MacBook Air) so I can’t tell Hook not to show it again.

oh, rats! I had tested on a 13" MacBook Air and didn’t encounter that. We’ll figure out /fix what’s going on.

Meanwhile, running this from the command line will prevent the welcome board from appearing
defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook preference.show.overview.window 0

Thanks for letting us know.

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PS one can see all Hook’s preferences with

defaults read com.cogsciapps.hook

also, it’s possible to resize the window a little bit, from the top.

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I can’t find the handle to resize from the top.

Sorry Steve, and thanks for letting me know. My testing error: after your original report, I tested Hook’s welcome board side by side with Marked 2 on a MacBook Air, and the resize feature was in Marked 2’s – not Hook’s. We will enable resize in Hook’s too.

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Fixed in Hook version 1.1.2 (2595). Sorry for delay. Slower here due to vacations and the like.

Thanks again for letting us know!