FIXED: Bear Notes "No Linkable Item"

Getting a “No Linkable Item” in Bear, which appears regardless of which panel has focus.


Operation appears normal, however.

⌘-C will copy the x-callback URL to the clipboard


And ⌘-L will link the note to the copied address


Hope this helps.


When you copy as a Markdown link what title does it have for the Bear context?

This is what Alfred’s clipboard history ends up with when using the ⌘-M shortcut…

Pasted-image-Thu Nov 07 2019 105545 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time).png

Try putting a delay in the Bear scripts before it returns the title/address. I suspect the script is working but Hook is checking for a valid response before the clipboard has updated properly. (I don’t have Bear so can’t test myself)

Thank you. This is fixed in Hook 1.3.1. Not an issue with scripts.

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