Finding Hook links and files: An Alfred workflow

Hi there,

as some people have already noticed, it is hard to find Hook links, when the resources can’t be remembered exactly. The possibility to link things together is really cool, but not finding this linked stuff is not so cool.
As long as there is no other method, I have built a little Alfred workflow to find links and files for myself, but I do not want to hide it from other Hook users, so here it is:

Here it is on the Tinderbox Forum…

I saw, that I cannot upload files here, so you can get this workflow in the Tinderbox Forum.
There is also a description (although I also wrote something in the workflow itself.)

You can also download it here:

Dropbox link <- new version, now also writes unicode to tsv file

If you find this helpful, you can simply use it, if there should be problems, please tell me…
Any further ideas are welcome (solutions of course, too :wink:)


I’ve spent days in anguish worrying about whether to commit to pixels over this. The app deserves better uptake than it’s getting if this forum is an indicator of interest. Imho an enhanced front end to help find and exploit the work done/time invested.

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As the creation of this workflow is still going on, I will always add some new features (when they come to my mind :thinking:):

Now you can add a shortcut for each part of the workflow, if you like, and when you press the “option”-key while searching for a link or a file (or both), the Hook window will open 2 seconds after the search.

So this would be a combination of searching and hooking :wink:

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@cremoer, this is helpful. Thank you!

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