Edit names and add tags

If this is possible already please send me to the information I need, otherwise I suggest a new feature.

Example, this link means nothing to me 2 seconds after I make it – and in the future will be totally useless as a result:

So, I want to be able to edit the name of that link – change Order 0059070011 to meaningful text — and assign tags to it, so I can remember that “oh, that’s the email with my license for blah blah blah”, and I can discover it in Spotlight by searching for the relevant tags. (Many companies send emails with useless subjects.)

Sorry if this is a duplication of other requests. I browsed and found nothing. To me, this request fills an obvious feature gap.

regarding changing a bookmark’s name. I don’t recall someone else asking, and if they did it’s not a FAQ. I logged the feature request internally a couple of years before we launched. And it remains in the issue database, well surrounded.

Related features: After a hooked file’s name changes, Hook presents the updated filename. That handles a huge % of the cases. We also intend Hook to update dynamically when it detects other kinds of items’ name change (e.g., OmniFocus or Things tasks), but that is obviously trickier. These features don’t handle the cases of read-only items like emails and web pages.

Tags stuff is discussed elsewhere on the forum and internally here.

It’s not in the back of the queue. In fact, your message prompted us to discuss and prototype options (we’ve been trying a lot of things out, including some big ones).

While automatic updating of hooked filename (and other) changes would be very nice to have, some rudimentary editing of a Hook link should be available.

  • Eg. Issue:
    I’ll often make a calendar entry that contains “TBA” in the title. I’ll link this entry back to a master document. At some subsequent point the “TBA” is removed from the calendar item name. However, it (the “TBA”) persists in hook links. At least with basic editing tools I could remove this string Hook’s item name.

Liikewise, allowing some basic manual sorting the presented list of Hook’s links would be very useful to me. Just a simple drag to sort, or key-arrow combo…


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I would sure like a quick way to rename a link before e.g. copy-pasting it as markdown somewhere else.

It’s simpler to edit such a name in a UI than than to edit a markdown link title after having pasted it, where no quick keyboard shortcut would help us to reach the title and substitute a better name.

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Hi @quorm this is a good idea.

I put such hook links in my hook clipbaord in the app pastebot and then give them a name or keywords:

If necessary, I can search for the hook on the left using the Pastebot or call it up again directly from the clipboard.
Another advantage is that the Hook clipboard is synchronized between my Macs.

This is a temporary solution for me.

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I appreciate the suggestion @Alexander, but doesn’t it mean then I have to keep two systems running side by side just to make up for Hook’s shortcomings?

I already have to keep two systems going with my use of Trickster to make up for lack of useful discovery tools in Hook.

So, I like Hook and its concept, and I really want it to work for me – but I’m finding I need more and more crutches to get value from it.

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I can understand that @quorm. In my example there are even three, because the basis for the shown workflow is the App Keyboard Maestro.

I am surprised how Hook will develop further.