Create video URL link pointing to a specific time

I am a new user. I work with YouTube video files that can be one or two hours long. I would like to link to a specific point in time in the video. On YouTube, I can right-click on the video and “Copy video URL at current time”. That saves me enormous time since I don’t have to scroll through the complete video to find a topic. How can I do this in Hook?


Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @srboyd. And thanks for asking. Indeed that is in our internal list of integrations to attempt. I too would would love to have it!

In case you didn’t know, you can Hook to that URL after copying it so you have a hook to the time stamp.

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Great suggestion, however, I can’t discover the mechanics of how you do this. I have tried to copy the URL with Hook (Shift cmd space on my mac), but I only get a message saying no linkable hook. Can you suggest how you should Hook to the URL?

First you’d use youtube to manually copy the time-stamped URL of the video as you normally would.

Second, you would go to another resource, invoke Hook, and do Hook to Copied Link.

You can also rename the link to something more meaningful using Hook (Title menu or Link menu).