Combining hook with screenshot

New to hook…
I’m looking for a way to take a screenshot (eg of a figure or piece of text in a PDF) and include a hook link. I now use Cleanshot X to take the screenshot. I summarize documents often in curio and it would be great if the screenshot could link to the PDF and the specific passage.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @jpbogers and thanks for asking.

The latest Curio has the ability to get a deep URL to a specific PDF page. That URL can be used on the screenshot side using’s Hook’s Hook to Copied Link.

We are planning to publish some blog posts and info about that very soon (hopefully this week).

Congrats to @georgezengobi for his new deep-PDF linking Curio features! That will be fabulously useful for working deeply with PDFs !

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Hi Luc,

Thx for your answer. Can you briefly elaborate how I would do this PDF linking in curio or is there already a blog post…


More info can be found in the Curio 14.1 release notes but here are the steps to follow:

  • Select a PDF figure on an idea space in one of your Curio projects.
  • Use the page up / page down buttons on the inspector bar to view a specific page in the PDF.
  • Click the Start Annotating button on the inspector bar (or ⌥-double-click the PDF figure).
  • Select a range of text in the PDF.
  • Choose Curio’s Edit > Copy As > Hyperlink menu item or Hook’s Copy Link option to copy a hyperlink to the clipboard.

When you click on or activate that hyperlink Curio will launch, open the project, show that idea space, scroll to and select the PDF figure, make sure the figure is showing the correct PDF page, start annotation mode, then select the specified text range.

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