Link Bookends citations with link to PDF page in DT3

I’d love to hook my citations in Mellel to the PDF page in DEVONthink that contains the cited material. This would make checking page numbers before submitting for publication so much easier. Is this possible?

My apologies if this is easy to do already—I’m new to Hook and just getting my mind around the possibilities for my work.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @scrollsgeek.

I don’t know if DEVONthink has an API for linking to specific pages. There’s a relevant thread here Clickable Link to Specific location of document? (eg. TOC - DEVONthink / Tips - DEVONtechnologies Community [Over on DT forum] that I just skimmed. If there is, then it should be possible to do what you suggest. The key is to get a deep PDF URL from DEVONthink. Then you can hook the two together.

Curio’s latest update supports linking to specific PDF pages. Congrats to @georgezengobi !! More on that in a different topic soon. (@jpbogers asked a related question that mean to answer in relation to Curio: Combining hook with screenshot - Discussion & Help - Hook Productivity Forum ).


Thanks. I regularly use links to PDF page numbers in DT3 so I don’t think there is any issues on that end. What I’m not sure how to do is linking the DT3 link to a Bookends generates citation in a footnote in my Mellel document.

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Hi Srollsgeek,

hope not to be off topic, but can you tell me how you do that?

Cheers, J

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No problem, just right click on the PDF page in DT3 and select “copy page link.” It’s super useful.

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