Chrome: can following a hook link open existing tab?

I am new to hook and liking what I see!

When I connect a slack channel to a webpage (in chrome), going from slack to that link opens a new URL. How can I tweak things so that it looks to see if that URL is already open in some tab and use that instead?

I saw a Feb 19 post on this topic, but it received no responses.


And a follow up for what may be the same request: my apple-N starts a Devonthink note. I have a keyboard maestro key set up that automatically presses apple-shift-space followed by apple-N (thanks, Rob Trew!). I would like it if this opens an existing DevonThink note if one exists, rather than creating a new one.

I understand that if I did not use KM, I’d see if such a note exists; but that is extra cognitive load.


Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @amahabal.

I don’t have a specific solution at this point. It depends on the Chrome app dictionary visible via Script Editor.

It would be possible to use Hook’s automation to do this by modifying Hook’s DEVONthink Hook to New script. One can retrieve the bookmarks associated with a URL.

When you bring up the Hook window, however, it already shows you the DEVONthink linked notes , if any. If there’s just one linked item, you can simply then use the ‘return’ key. when you hold down the ⌘, Hook displays a keyboard shortcut next to the first 9 hooked links. So you can do ⌘5 to get to the 5th, for instance (⌘n for the nth)

I decided to bite the bullet and write the applescript myself. I started by looking at the current script for “Open Item” for Google Chrome. To my surprise, that is empty.

What is the default magic for open? Looking at other scripts, it seems that $0 holds something, but I was unsure what that is exactly.

In the meanwhile, I found a solution for this: I added the chrome extension “Clutter Free”, which prevents duplicate tabs, so this is an okay workaround for now.