Build 2353 of Hook Version 1.0-beta

Important: After updating to this build (2353) of Hook or a later one, you will not be able to roll back to previous builds of Hook (unless you also roll back Hook’s .plist files in ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.cogsciapps.hook/). If you don’t try to roll back to a pre build-2353 of Hook, this build will have no effect on compatibility. That is to say that your links, integration scripts, etc., will continue to work. You will notice nothing different in Hook or its functioning. If you happen to accidentally roll back to a prior version of Hook after using this one, do not worry, all you need to do to recover is use build 2353 (this one), or a later one (when available) (and if you have written your own integration scripts, then reintroduce integration scripts you have customized). Thus, we consider this change to be without consequence for the vast majority of users/cases. For more information (mainly for Hook script developers and other technical enthusiasts), please visit this post on the Hook productivity forum.


  • Dealt with rare cases where Hook window would display two links to the same file (duplicate links). (Issue 2957)
  • Fixed a trivial typo in a link notification message. (Issue 3383)


  • Hook now ensures there is a default notes template associated with ⌘N ( Hook > Preferences > Notes tab). If no other template is specified by the user, it will be .txt. (Issue 3386).
  • Improved web browser linking: improved treatment of (a) http:// and https:// URLs as equivalent, (b) trailing forward slash in URLs as irrelevant, and © #URL-fragments as irrelevant. (Part of Hook’s URI pattern matching). (Issue 3240).
  • Hook now supports ForkLift app (Issue 2700).
  • Improved wording of error message presented when users try to mesh link multiple items via menu bar icon from certain apps such as Mail. (Issue 3384).
  • Improved integration with Ulysses again (Issue 3242).


The next release of Hook will include optimisation for Airmail. If you are a developer who uses Airmail and needs to more quickly access hook://mail link targets in Airmail, you can use the new Hook open Airmail script from the Hook productivity forum. (Normally we deliver such updates dynamically via Hook integration server.) (Issue 3380).


Thank you to all users who made recommendations and reported issues through Hook Forum or other channels.

2019-05-03 Version 1.0-beta (2317)


  • Fixed an issue that caused the URLs that Hook pasted inside OmniFocus notes to be incorrect. (The links displayed in the Hook window itself were and remain correct.) (Issue 3366.)


  • Added a link (.webloc) file to Hook’s templates folder (~/Documents/Hooks/templates). The file points to the online documentation page on the subject on
  • Removed an exception handler. This may cause Hook to crash in situations where previously it would have continued. This crashing (if any) would be reported to Hook’s presence on DevMate (a development and distribution assistance platform for mac developers), which would enable us to isolate and resolve the issue. (Issue 3369).
  • Updated BusyCal script support. (Issue 3345.)
  • Improved integration with Ulysses app. (Issue 2172.)
  • Added support for Postbox email client. (Issue 3357.)


Visual Studio Code works with Hook (no update required). We invite feedback from Visual Studio Code developers. (Hook supports many apps “outside the box”. So we don’t normally list them in release notes).

Reminder: Hook integration with third party apps is often updated via Hook’s integration service before the entire app is updated.


Thank you to all users who reported issues through Hook Forum or other channels.

Is this correct? HTTP and HTTPS are two different protocols. It would be like treating FTP and HTTP as equivalent wouldn’t it, which would cause problems.

While many sites will redirect an HTTP request to HTTPS, not all will — and in theory the content served could be different.

I assume that this is just a quirk: I downloaded and installed Build 2353, but when I go to “About Hook,” it still says that I have Build 2317. Just a FYI.

But it’s working great!


Wait! Never mind. I downloaded the app from Settings->Check for updates and now I see that I have build 2357.

Thanks for picking up on this topic, Steve.

In practice, normally (statistically) the content returned by web servers for the two matching URLs for these protocols is the same. And even where the server returns very different content for the two different URL’s, one would not link to both (one would be not worth linking to). Therefore, at worse you get a false positive, which is far better than false negatives (Hook not retrieving content for the “other” URI).

The general answer is that heuristics and pattern matching trump rigid rules in this domain, as they do in much (not all) of cognition, given that the end game is to show you the most relevant information.

Hook supplies the missing links in macOS so you can instantly access the documents that are most relevant to your current task.

We’ll have more to say about that later, and configuration options. For now, I would point to a paper and encyclopedia (re AI and cog psy) for anyone interested in the general background (does not speak specifically to the specific issue directly).

Minsky-1996-Logical Versus Analogical or Symbolic Versus Connectionist or Neat Versus Scruffy-Minsky1996ur.pdf and Bounded Rationality (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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