Build 2305 of Hook Version 1.0-beta is now available

Hook Version 1.0-beta (build 2305) is now available for download via Hook’s download page.


  • Fixed an issue affecting some users that would cause Hook not to open automatically at login, despite being configured per the Preferences window > General tab > Startup checkbox. (Issue 3210).
  • Fixed: First launch of Hook showed “Please authorize Hook to enhance your productivity” window twice ( Issue 3348).
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause one to need to click in the Hook window in order to use the keyboard to navigate within it, particularly with Bear app. (Issue 3237).


  • Redesigned Hook menu bar window to facilitate onboarding. The title bar now has a “Show Hook” link label, a new folder icon and a new gear menu icon. Linking wells now have new wording with a larger font; they explicitly indicate the Hook Shortcut as a hyperlink; and the link-well border is blue to denote linking. (Issues 3307, 3340-3342).
  • Tweaked Drafts integration with respect to Spaces (Issue 3338).
  • Hook now supports BusyCal (Issue 3345) and FSNotes. (Hook’s script server was previously updated with these new capabilities.) (Issue 3352).


Thank you to all users who reported issues through Hook Forum or other channels. Some of the Issue hyperlinks above reference such forum contributions.

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This update also removes duplicate instances of Hook from the LaunchServices database, which was behind this problem.