Best alternative to Airmail when using Hook

Airmail has just surprised its paying users by removing features and demanding a subscription to get them back.

If I’m switching from Airmail, which email app works best with Hook in people’s experience?

Apple Mail works fine with Hook.


I use both Apple Mail and MailMate. MailMate has Markdown support and is IMAP-oriented. The developer added support for Hook during Hook’s alpha, and we have exchanged communications since. I can’t speak for other developers, but I’m confident MailMate will continue to be Hook-friendly.

Spark lacks automation – hopefully Readdle will add it. We’ve had lots of request.


I’ve found Canary Mail to be a reasonable equivalent to Airmail.
However, I generally use Mailplane, as have several G Suite email accounts, and keeping their respective email, calendar and contacts organized in one place has worked well.

Also, since it is an ‘overlay’ on Gmail’s web UI, it also does a good job of supporting any Gmail extensions that I’ve installed.

Mailplane’s email (Gmail) does work well with Hook. I’ve just posted the integration scripts in the Share your Hook Scripts topic.

I’ve ended up with Spark due to its other features. Sadly this means I’m left with manually creating one way links to emails. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I’m really disappointed that Spark is not/cannot be among the limited email clients that Hook supports. This limits its usefulness for me, since email task and projects are chief among the LINKS I would like to make using HOOK. Maybe. Someday.

If you could, let them know there is demand for this. Here’s a Twitter thread you could add your voice to.

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I have thought of a way to integrate Hook with Spark in the meantime. If I get any spare time I’ll test out the concept — but it would be really fragile.