AppleScript bug in Monterey?

Hello, an AppleScript that I used pre-Monterey appears to be throwing an error now. Basically, asking Hook to get the URL of an item seems to fail fairly regularly, especially the first time. Once it works, it then works consistently, but the first run it will say

Hook got an error: Can’t get bookmark id ""

(in the case where I’m trying to Hook in Safari).

Have others encountered this? Script below.

tell application "Hook"
	set book to bookmark from active window
	set clip to address of book
end tell

Thank you for reporting this. We will have a look.

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Hello - does the new 3.3.2 Public Beta address this Applescript issue? Should I give it a shot?

next build will, hopefully today. Thanks @tedsvo

fixed in: Hook Version 3.3.2 public beta 2 - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum

Confirmed fixed! Thanks a lot.

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