App support: Mellel (Requires closing Mellel's Palette window)

Hello everyone!

According to the supported apps list, Mellel is one of the word processors supported by Hook. I was hoping someone could let me know how exactly they are using Hook together with Mellel. So far, I have only ever gotten the “No linkable item found” message when opening Hook from inside Mellel.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I don’t use Mellel so much any more, but I have Mellel 4.2.7r10 (Mac OS 10.14.6) and I am finding that Hook operates normally with it, i.e. on invoking Hook with a Mellel document frontmost, the Hook window comes up with the document correctly named and all commands in place. Is it possible you inadvertently denied Privacy/Automation/Hook…Mellel?

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I think it should be working?
Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 22.40.24

I might be missing something obvious…

Which OS are you using?

I am running 10.14.4

Seems to be working here on Mojave with Mellel 4.29 once permissions have been given under Sys Prefs > Privacy > Accessibility etc

(I sometimes find that keyboard assignments depend on which keyboard language layout is active, so it might be worth trying with the menubar widget)

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Mellel ver 4.2.9r4 OSX Mojave 10.14.6 can not use Copy Link.
I can not Paste to Mellel document, at all.
When I use Copy Markdown Link, within Mellel document, I can paste it, but Link Behaviour can not usable.
I checked every instruction in this article, here.
Even I can not use Mellel [Hook to New…], there is no information about inside.
thx and regards, WAKAMATSU from Japan

Additional information.
Copy All Links works,only instance.


I get the following window when invoking Hook in Mellel:

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 22.42.36

EDIT: I am getting the same window with Omnioutliner. Maybe I am missing something obvious?

Have you seen and responded to dialogs like this (below) ?

Will Mellel, I am seeing this:

(and I can copy plain or markdown links to the .mellel document)

In the case of OmniOutliner, it should be fine if you are using OmniOutliner Pro, which has the AppleScript dictionary needed by the Hook scripts, but I’m not sure what the expected Hook behaviour is with the base version of OO, which has no AppleScript support.

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Yes! I have clicked OK in every instance. I also played around with turning off the accessibility permission for apps that were working, and was able to reproduce the same problem I am having with Mellel. Of course, I have activated the permissions for both OmniOutliner and Mellel.

I don’t have the Pro version, so that explains it!

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Looking at Hook Preferences, I notice that there is no special script for it, so presumably Hook is using its default path to front document logic.

Are there any RTL language names or character in the path to your documents ? I wonder whether Hook is tripping up on something like that.

(I type and paste in languages of the Levant, but my system settings are Anglo, and I tend to use a limited set of characters in filepath strings - could that be a difference ?)

(and similarly, I wonder whether Hook is fully tested for CJK strings in file-path or other system elements – could that be a component of @Hook8Kuni 's experience with Hook ?)

@LucB ? Are the path to front document functions tested for RTL and CJK systems ?

The path of the file is very straight forward:


The document itself does include Japanese and Ancient Greek characters, but my system settings are in (UK) English. Invoking Hook from a Mellel document that includes only English produces the same problem.

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thanks for bringing up this issue. 10.14.5 was released on 2019-05-13. Mellel was only reported to us as working well with Hook well after that. I wonder if that might be related. Hook was qualified with a bunch of apps in 10.14.5; and I don’t know why it would make a difference, but that’s something that catches my eye. Mellel’s not an app we ourselves have tested but will.

That looks more like a Mellel issue. we’ll have a look (though others may know.)

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One of us here can reproduce this issue on macOS 10.15.x using Mellel v. 4. That will help.

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correction. that now appears to be the same issue. So the ball is in our court.

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Dear All,
Using Mellel ver 4.2.9r4 under OSX Mojave 10.14.6

A bit knotty approach for laughs.
If you use Copy Markdown Link, we need to exercise ingenuity little bit.
After pasting Markdown Link in Mellel document,

#1[triple click] then
#2 right click (or『control+click』) to evoke
(can be used to bring up menus)
#3 choose[service]:Menu > Open URL > We can open willable URL.

Thx and regards, WAKAMATSU

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Thanks for asking, Rob. I have put that question to our devs. Our post-dev QA process has not systematically treated them differently. Apparently it is not what is causing the Mellel issue, but we do need to include that in our testing.

Hook 1.6 , released a few minutes ago, includes a core change of Copy Link RTF handling which according to our tests solves the issue of Hook links pasted into Mellel docs. (One might notice a Hook RTF-related change attributed with gratitude to the devs of Nisus in those release notes. but fyi not related to this.)

the Copy Link issue is not related to the “No linkable item found in” issue which some people are experiencing with Hook. I updated our ‘linkable apps’ page on 27th to reflect the issue.

Dear LucB,
Thanks a lot.
Hook 1.6 with Mellel4.2.9r4, Copy Link behavior is confirmed, now.


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