Anyway of integrating hook with Remnote Desktop? + Shouldn't it be possible to do deep integration with Skim?

Hi All – Sorry if i’m combining what should be two threads into one

Don’t know if anyone here has heard of Remnote but I’ve been using it for the last 6 months as my Anki replacement (and possibly as a zettelkasten like PIM). They now have a desktop version for the Mac but as is usually the case, it’s electron. I wonder if anyone knows of a default way to make it integrate with hook… It seems like the Author of the app is already looking into doing bi-directional links between PDFs and Remnote which makes me think that it should be possible with Hook

Now regarding Skim… I know that you can generate a url link that’ll forward you to a page or a text in Skim so I’m curious why this doesn’t seem to work when invoking hook?

If it needs a little bit of script writing–Just perusing the internet–I’ve found quite a few applescripts that could generate these page reference links . Can these be used with hook?

BTW - There’s even one for Skim notes


thanks for asking, Ken. There are electron apps that are linkable. If you search for electron in Linkable Mac Apps – Hook and elsewhere on the site. Obsidian is a recent case in point.

So if Remnote wants to provide a bridge they can. I’ve been in touch with them before they had an electron app. I also wrote this for Smile: Mastering Information: Intro to Productive Practice.

We aim to get to Skim and other PDF apps after the holidays (interleaved with other tasks).

Hello prof. Luc,

Any update on the potential integration between RemNote and hook?
I’m not familiar with the “electron” workaround and I’m any case a native solution would be ideal.
RemNote has been my main note taking app for more than a year now and it would be amazing if I could hook “rems” to other apps, and maybe even hook to a new “rem”!
I believe that the RemNote team is quite responsive, perhaps teaching out to (community manager) can help achieve this.

I hope that you would consider this and I thank you for creating this amazing tool.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Nabhan . Thanks for asking and your kind words about Hook.
When we checked last year they didn’t have a native app, but I see they’ve got one now so we’ll have a look. The web app was linkable last time we checked (last year).

Thank you very much for the feed back @LucB and I appreciate you looking back into the matter.
As a side note, I use Zettlr (an open source markdown editor) for drafting all of my research papers. I can see hook immensely streamlining my academic workflow if it could interact with Zettlr as well. If it is not too much to ask, would you please look into that as well?