Anyway of integrating hook with Remnote Desktop? + Shouldn't it be possible to do deep integration with Skim?

Hi All – Sorry if i’m combining what should be two threads into one

Don’t know if anyone here has heard of Remnote but I’ve been using it for the last 6 months as my Anki replacement (and possibly as a zettelkasten like PIM). They now have a desktop version for the Mac but as is usually the case, it’s electron. I wonder if anyone knows of a default way to make it integrate with hook… It seems like the Author of the app is already looking into doing bi-directional links between PDFs and Remnote which makes me think that it should be possible with Hook

Now regarding Skim… I know that you can generate a url link that’ll forward you to a page or a text in Skim so I’m curious why this doesn’t seem to work when invoking hook?

If it needs a little bit of script writing–Just perusing the internet–I’ve found quite a few applescripts that could generate these page reference links . Can these be used with hook?

BTW - There’s even one for Skim notes


thanks for asking, Ken. There are electron apps that are linkable. If you search for electron in Linkable Mac Apps – Hook and elsewhere on the site. Obsidian is a recent case in point.

So if Remnote wants to provide a bridge they can. I’ve been in touch with them before they had an electron app. I also wrote this for Smile: Mastering Information: Intro to Productive Practice.

We aim to get to Skim and other PDF apps after the holidays (interleaved with other tasks).