Any success using Hook and Notion together?

I use Notion all of the time so am hoping this would be a tool I can integrate with it. So far, only web hook links are working (pasted as markdown) not specific file links. Any ideas?


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If no one beats me to it, I will write up a summary for Notion like I did for Hook and Roam research. But Roam does not yet have an app whereas Notion does. Roam’s app lacks a linking API. (But as noted on Twitter, we have been in touch with Notion, who are apparently adding some AppleScript / JavaScript. I’ve also sent a message to the Notion CEO.)

So I would focus mainly on the Hook + Notion as web tool.

I had another quick look at the Notion app and SaaS. Here are some findings. But please keep in mind that I am not a regular user of Notion (they’d need address the issues below.)

general observations

Notion’s Mac app is an electron app. Electron apps often lack features one would expect of a Mac app. For instance, you can’t drag and drop a Notion file onto the desktop or from the desktop into Notion.

Notion’s app lacks an AppleScript dictionary. They are apparently working on this but it’s not clear yet whether or when their API will support linking.

Notion however also (and it seems principally) is SaaS.


I also ran some general tests on Notion app’s linking functions. It does handle app links very well.

  • There does not seem to be a way in Notion for app URLs (like OmniFocus://…) that were pasted in to Notion app to be treated as links. e.g., using OmniFocus’s Copy as Link function on a task, and pasting the link in does not yield a link.
  • If one selects a ‘link’ in Notion app and pastes an app link, (like OmniFocus://…) there, and then inspects the link in Notion app,one finds that Notion has translated its URL to… which makes it useless.

That means in particular that Notion does not respect hook:// links either. But the problem is not specific to hook:// links.


you can paste links garnered from Hook’s Copy Link and Copy Markdown Link into Notion app. However, for reasons given above, those links only work if they are https links. (I have not tested non secure http).

If you invoke Hook’s contextual window on a Notion app object, Hook reports “No linkable item found in Notion”. So none of the following work in Notion:

  • Copy Link
  • Copy Markdown Link
  • Hook to Copied Link
  • Hook to New
  • Make Hook File

Notion website

I did a bit of testing on Notion’s website. You can invoke Hook on

In my limited testing of Notion:

  • Copy Link
  • Copy Markdown Link
  • Make Hook File

all work fine in context of Notion.

Once Notion assigns a URL to a note, the URL seems to remain usable, even if you move or rename the note. However, when you move or rename a note, Notion changes its URL’s path. I’m not referring to the fragment (which is fine) but the path.

here’s an example:

before move:

after move:

(I anonymized those two URLs just in case).

That means if you hook the note to something, move the note, and then invoke Hook on the page again, you won’t see your hooked link.

Notion users should keep that in mind when using

  • Hook to Copied Link
  • Hook to New

some Good news: There seems to be a pattern to Notion’s note URIs. There seems to be an ID that is maintained. Therefore, CogSci Apps could deal with this identity. (Someone here will discuss this more generally in a separate topic.) Also, on the Notion app and its SaaS the same note seems to keep its iD, as one would expect/hope. That means that if Notion adds an API, Hook should be able to unify those links, meaning that Hook could (in principle) ensure that you see the same hooks (on the same object) on both the Notion SaaS and the Notion app.

We will look into that further, while assessing whether there is demand for it.

My sense is that Hook can be quite handy for Notion SaaS users as a way to copy and paste web links in or to Notion.

pasting links in SaaS

you can paste links into but again, they need to be web links to be adequately treated by Notion as links.

However, if you really want to paste app links into a Notion note (such as a things:// link), you would need to escape it, like this: omnifocus:///task/jdNZIGUD1AX or this [an OmniFocus task](omnifocus:///task/jdNZIGUD1AX). Then you could at least manually copy the URL and paste it into Spotlight or LaunchBar. (We plan for Hook to also provide open copied link in the future, which would work for both URLs, RTF links, and Markdown links).

Ticket with Notion

Regarding Notion app’s lack of automation: we have submitted a feature request with Notion. I’ve contacted Ivan Zhao, the Notion CEO , requesting he check out this important feature request. I think it would be aligned with Notion’s objectives to support this. I.e., Notion is about providing an interconnected workspace. In reality one’s workspace will always extend beyond to include other desktop and iOS apps.

Hook users who want to link their Notion items may wish to let Notion know this is important to them. I didn’t get a ticket ID back from them. But you could reference this page. or this tweet

Hi, my first post and I’m a non-techie, so please be nice… :slight_smile:

Not sure if this helps but you can replace https with notion. I do this manually when I add Notion links into Things and Bear. The links will open in the Notion desktop app.

Hook is a very nifty little thing. I hope you keep it slim and don’t allow it to swell and bloat. One thing however that is necessary to add is the ability to add a new link to a mesh without having to add it to each and every file in there.

My main use case is print graphics, where we have editable files, print files, thumbnails, instructions etc, all in different folders. I use hook to link them all together as ‘projects’ which also include links to customer data as well as web links to various resources, e.g. if a stock photo/texture has been used in an artwork I link to where it was purchased so we can easily check what the license covers. In general, origins of any kind of downloaded materials has a strong tendency to disappear from memory over time, so for that Hook is extremely useful.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @pug . And many thanks for that tip! That’s very handy.

great to hear your use cases!

I’m really hoping Notion improves this aspect of their app. I love a lot of what they’re doing with it, and I use it for a lot of niches that I believe it does best out of any other apps out there, but the lack of not only being able to link to Notion pages and content via direct link from within other apps, it also lacks the ability to make deep links to other apps (like OmniFocus, DEVONthink, etc.) clickable. :disappointed:

Here’s hoping they’ll add an update soon! Hopefully my continual tweeting at them will help make that happen. :joy:

I noticed on Twitter (in Nov??) that they said they have hired someone to deal with automation and interoperability (or some such job), which I think bodes well for Hook integration if we can connect with that person.

We’re developing a Software Advocate / Liaison programme and would like to have a couple of volunteers who would agree to interact with the Notion folks and forum, and informally be a liaison between the two user communities. We’ll have more to say on that later this quarter.

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I’d be happy to help out anyway I can!