Any MySQL clients compatible with Hook?

I already tried SequelPro and TablePlus, both did not work with hook.

Hi @floflo .

If they have linking automation, we @ CogSci Apps should be able to integrate them with Hook. If not we recommend Contacting Developers of Other Apps and Information for Developers – Hook.

In Linkable Mac Apps – Hook, you’ll find a “Development and automation tools” section

There may be others that we have not tried.

How about Eclipse based clients, such as DBeaver?

thanks for reviving that topic, @eMaX . And sorry for the delay. Can you link to entire files in Eclipse? Or is the current limitation just in its database clients?

Hi Luc,

oh what a can of worms did I open… That’s a very old discussion…

So this should work:

/Applications/ --launcher.openFile ~/Scripts/1000\ -\ Import/1112\ -\ import_issue_codes.sql:15

But, hélas, it just opens a new instance of dbeaver, and also doesn’t jump to that file or line.

So I’ve not found a way to jump to a specific line. But I can open a file:

open 1282\ -\ import_fpm.sql -a DBeaver


Oh yes, and of course I’ve no idea for the moment how to query DBeaver as to which file it currently has open.

So the easiest workaround is this:

  1. Set DBeaver as default editor for *sql
  2. Click on the little icon in your editor, then “Show in System Explorer”

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 12.42.30

  1. Invoke Hook, then e.g. Cmd+M to copy the markdown link.
  2. Close the Explorer / Finder window, then hit Esc to close that properties window in DBeaver.

Easy, but drawback is of course that you can’t hook to a specific line.

Also, funnily, if you’ve that properties window open (on a Mac), and then open a file with a hook link / from Finder, nothing apparent happens (DBeaver will even not come to front). If you then open another file, the same thing happens (or rather, does not). If you then escape from the properties window in DBeaver, it’ll open both files, one after the other.

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Hi eMaX, thanks for your answer!

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A developer here’s looking into Eclipse integration. Hopefully have something soon after the week-end.

Salut Luc,

did this ever materialize?