Add new links or files to previously hooked files

Good morning from Antwerp, Belgium. I’m new to Hook and have a question that may have a very simple answer, but I can’t seem to find it that quickly.
I regularly add a bidirectional Hook link to some files by dragging them together to the Menu Bar Window. My question is: how can you add files to these hooked files later? Also in the contextual window I don’t immediately see how to add files to a Hooked group. It would be nice to have the possibility (somewhere in the interface) to see all files that are hooked to each other.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Koen.

There is not currently a notion of groups in Hook. One approach is to treat a given file as the hub, and hook various things to it. that is illustrated here: How to Turn a TaskPaper File into a Project Information Hub – Hook. One could apply a tag (in Finder or other apps that support tags, like OmniFocus) to hub files, or name them in a certain way. (Hook also has a rename function).

I’m writing some documentation about Using Hook with BBEdit. In that software, one might treat the .bbeditd project package file (dir) as a hub.

One can also navigate the network of hooked files from any given node.

We have plans (and internal implementations) to introduce tags in Hook and/or other mechanisms in Hook to enable users to designate a resource as a hub (or as something else).

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Thank you for answering. What I meant by “group” is just a “set” of bidirectionally hooked files. If, for example, I have just used the Menu Bar Window and hooked 7 files together. How can I add one or more file to these already hooked files (which apparantly I called erroneously a group) later? Is that possible?

There’s currently no notion of a group or set in Hook. There could be different network topographies that a user might want, e.g., hub and spoke, or full mesh.

With Hook’s automation one could in principle create a script that would designate a node as being a “hub” or a part of a “mesh”. Then one would could have

  1. a script to “extend-hub-network-with-link-in-buffer”
  2. a script to “extend-full-mesh-network-with-link-in-buffer”

we have not yet done that. We would like to provide a "goodie " for that. It would be here: Automation – Hook.

A related (but different) pair of scripts , for Finder, is about to be published.

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Here’s an interim solution:

Use a naming or tagging convention as @LucB suggests so that you can aggregate, e.g., via a Spotlight search, the files you want to include in a mutually meshed Hook group. Get the search results in a Finder window, select the files, then run @ttscoff’s Applescript for mesh Hooking Finder items (perhaps via a Keyboard Maestro Macro such as this one on the selected files). Executing the Applescript will create a meshed “Hook group.”

If you come across another file you want to add to the group, just tag or rename it according to your chosen convention, run the Spotlight search again, select all the files (which now include the new file), run the Applescript and it will Hook the new file to each of the files in the group.

If you want to attach a URL to all of the Finder items in your Hook group, copy the URL, run the Spotlight search, select the files, then run @ttscoff’s Applescript for Hooking a copied URL to Finder items (perhaps via a Keyboard Maestro Macro like this one) on the files. Et voila!