Add new links or files to previously hooked files

Good morning from Antwerp, Belgium. I’m new to Hook and have a question that may have a very simple answer, but I can’t seem to find it that quickly.
I regularly add a bidirectional Hook link to some files by dragging them together to the Menu Bar Window. My question is: how can you add files to these hooked files later? Also in the contextual window I don’t immediately see how to add files to a Hooked group. It would be nice to have the possibility (somewhere in the interface) to see all files that are hooked to each other.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Koen.

There is not currently a notion of groups in Hook. One approach is to treat a given file as the hub, and hook various things to it. that is illustrated here: How to Turn a TaskPaper File into a Project Information Hub – Hook. One could apply a tag (in Finder or other apps that support tags, like OmniFocus) to hub files, or name them in a certain way. (Hook also has a rename function).

I’m writing some documentation about Using Hook with BBEdit. In that software, one might treat the .bbeditd project package file (dir) as a hub.

One can also navigate the network of hooked files from any given node.

We have plans (and internal implementations) to introduce tags in Hook and/or other mechanisms in Hook to enable users to designate a resource as a hub (or as something else).