Linking multiple documents

I am curious if there are any recommended practices for linking multiple documents using hook. I usually start with 2-3 documents, and the group grows over time. Ideally, I want to create a group in hook, and add new documents to it. But I understand this is not currently possible.

One option is to keep linking to one main document, like shown in the tutorial. The challenge here is to remember the initiating document as I may add documents after a few days or weeks or even months.

Other option is using hook to note. The function works well but hook groups seems faster to get to.


We have software changes in the roadmap for this. Meanwhile, conventions may help, such as

  • treating a certain type of object (e.g., a TaskPaper file or an object from a certain type of app, assuming you only have one in the immediate [1-degree] network of its type), or
  • a naming convention [e.g., ‘hub’], or
  • a tag (e.g., ‘hub’) if the hub’s software has tags.

Hook has an internal rename function, so one does not have to rename the object in the source software (the file, task, whatever).

Although this work-around seems tedious as it involves an extra step, designing a hub as a group object in Hook itself would also be an extra step. But we do have a more automatic solution in mind.


Yes, there are a few extra clicks but overall better than my previous workflow.

Happy the way it works.

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Please see here a description of an interim solution incorporating @LucB’s suggestions and @ttscoff’s Applescript for mesh Hooking Finder items.


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@LucB, What can you tell us about the timeline for this?

(My related workflow/feature-request here -Create a new project - Hook multiple apps/files with one keystroke?)

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Hard to predict, but it is currently slotted for within a few feature-full releases.