Zotero and Forklift aren't working with Hook?

Zotero Script is installed, other programs work as expected. But when trying to hook Zotero I only get the message “No linkable item found in Hook”. Permissions are granted.
The same with Forklift. No linkable …

Is there anything else I could try?

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Elmo.And thanks for asking.

General answers are here: No Linkable Item in … – Hook.

Zotero is discussed here: Example of making Zotero work with Hook - Share your Hook scripts - Hook Productivity Forum.

If there’s a better integration script for Zotero than is delivered by Hook, CogSci Apps should update its integration accordingly.

re Forklift. Is your language set to English? If not which language? If you could let us know the relevant menu item names we’ll internationalize the script accordingly.

Thanks a lot, I changed the Forklift Script to German, now it works fine.

For Zotero I copied the script from "brock2 from the forum entry you mentioned. Now it’s working, too.

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