Yojimbo - New item

In case anyone else is using Yojimbo with Hook, this is the script I’m using to implement new item support. It seems to be working. I find the tag and label helpful as a cue to know which Yojimbo items line somewhere. One minor annoyance is that if you’re viewing the newly created Yojimbo note in its own window, Hook doesn’t recognize that and you have to make a selection in the library window.

set theTags to "hooked"
set flaggedStatus to false
set labelsOfNote to "Linked Note"
tell application "Yojimbo"
	set _item to make new note item with properties {name:"$title", contents:"", flagged:flaggedStatus, label name:labelsOfNote}
	add tags theTags to note item named "$title"
	set the clipboard to "x-yojimbo-item://" & (get id of _item)
	open location "x-yojimbo-item://" & (get id of _item)
end tell
get the clipboard

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