Would Visualisations Be Useful?

I’ve just stumbled across this category. Thinking out loud…

… Is there any value in visualisations of all the hooks? Especially if one could click on the hook components and perhaps do things?

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An Obsidian-like graph view might be interesting. But it might be too busy: a view of a lot of little archipelagos that have nothing to do with one another.

For me, the underlying need for a graph view is having some mechanism to locate existing clusters of Hooked things. I’ve forgotten where many of these are. To some extent, Trickster helps with part of the problem – but only for cases where there is a file involved in the Hooked cluster. Trickster knows nothing about Hooks within DEVONthink or any other database.

Difficult problem to solve, I’m sure.



I read the title of this post and it brought to mind something different. I’ve been thinking that a hook badge would be awesome. If I knew that a file (for example) were hooked elsewhere, I would know that I could use hook to do something with the file.


and you’re in very good company on this one.
There’s a Finder tag option and some of our scripts add a “Hook” app tag, eg Drafts. in the forum and help pages you can find some for OmniFocus , DEVONthink and perhaps others. We do intend to systematize this.

I’d like to make the application of a “Hook” tag the default for apps that support tagging and expose that in their API, but not all customers agree.

(on this forum and elsewhere), there are also requests for notifications, and for other status information. All this remains on our minds here at CogSci Apps.

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On “but not all customers agree”…

… To state the bleedin’ obvious, these things could be preferences.

In particular what the tag is could be settable, perhaps even down to the application level. Though that’s a much more complicated UI.