Working with Trello and Hookmark

I read some posts on your forum about Trello’s compatibility with Hookmark and it is not clear if your application is compatible or not. At first glance not…

Could you confirm that Hookmark doesn’t work properly with Trello application and it is better to use a browser?

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The Link-friendly Mac Apps – Hookmark says

:thinking: Trello. You can Copy Link and hook items. Quite useful. (Based on UI scripting).

" :thinking: " means it uses “UI scripting”. Trello lapp lacks automation for linking. However, we’re not big Trello users here, so we’d like some feedback from Trello users. The linking is to boards. Trello users would probably want something more fine grain. Does the web interface provide more fine grained URLs? i.e., each card have a URL?

The app support is also currently English only. If Trello is in other languages, Hookmark integration could accommodate them.

I use Trello app frequently… it’s true that using a browser the problem seems to be fixed, indeed by invoking Hookmark boards and cards are copied as expected, Hookmark does its job, it’s like copying a URL link as you would for any website, it’s just a pity that it’s not possible to do it in the application too… but ok, I think the simplest solution is to continue using the browser… :person_shrugging:

with Hookmark, you should at least be able to copy links to boards in Trello app . Are you not able to? If so, is the app UI language different from English , and if that, then what language? We’ll internationalize it.

…is the app UI language different from English , and if that, then what language?

yes, app UI is in Italian