Working with nValt and Devonthink simultanously + enter markdown link in note

Dear Forum,

just took the plunge and bought hook without testing it because I loved the idea. (also like to to support artisan software). I am a researcher and clinician and, to be blunt, have no clue about apple script nor much time to learn in depth.(I hope this is not offensive to all the people here trying to help / putting free time into the community support, which is highly appreciated, but unfortunately this is the harsh reality: long hospital hours, young family, research publication deadlines).

I have to important systems in my digital life: devonthink for almost anything (and trying to expand that to clinical notes) and nValt / Simplenote for clinical pearls, notes and when disciplined research. I now would like to have the following behavior:

  1. create a new note with “hook to new” in either Devon-think or nValt / Simplenote
  2. have a markdown link pasted at the beginning of the note (markdown seems to be most universal and maybe useful in iOS as well if other apps open the note-files)
  3. ideally have the note available in both systems at the end (nValt as well as devonthink3) as due to several reasons can’t abandon one system for the other (I do own hazel without getting much use out of it, admittedly, that could maybe help here?) this is ideally with preserved hook links.

If this were possible, I would need a “for dummies” explanation and loads of hand-holding.

Thanks in advance for taking the time and creating a great piece of software.

Kind regards,


welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @dr.cox. Thanks for the kind words.

You very much represent one of the types of users that we aim to help with Hook. (coincidentally, and more generally outside of CogSci Apps also, I aim to help mental health workers. Today one of our papers on ‘perturbance’ was accepted for publication. It’s for clinicians and anyone wanting to ‘retool’ their understanding of repetitive thought and emotion. But I digress)

There’s an overview of working with DEVONthink here: Using Hook with DEVONthink by DEVONtechnologies – Hook. But it doesn’t really get into “how to”. I plan to do a more concrete blog post showcasing Hook and DEVONthink. I know many Hook users are DEVONthink users.

will try to respond more later. One of our devs and I just ended a several day marathon getting Hook 1.8 out the door. I went into a real testing rabbit hole due to an issue with Parallels VM – not due to Hook but I spent hours and hours tracking it down.

Dear dr.cox,
I try to start nvALT & Hook with a certain intention.
But startup instructions, I need to use Keyboard Maestro’s macro,[ctrl+opt+cmd+N].(apercu png1)
My new note from nvALT is ready to Paste from Hook.
Just [shift+cmd+SPC] (evoke) where you want to get (EG) URL, [shift+cmd+S] , then return
nvALT note [cmd+V].
This 2nd png is as a result of Hook’s behaviour.
I do not know that provide you with useful or junk-littered information.

Respectfully, WAKAMATSU
Keyboard Maestro-nvALT

cool. sounds like I made a great choice. Congrats on getting your article published!

found that but it unfortunately didn’t really solve issues I was having.

Great work and thanks for putting in the work. Looking forward to your additional thoughts on my issues. But for now, enjoy some well deserved rest and a pint!

Cheers, J.

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Dear Hook8Kuni,

thanks for taking the time to reply and your elaborate explanation.

unfortunately, I do not own KM, and will not subscribe to it. Alfred does what I need (despite not utilizing it’s full potential).

does that mean, that after invoking nValt from KM you still manually go to the intended file/page/… and manually invoke hook and then return to nVALT and manually paste? That’s what I was hoping to avoid…

Thanks for pitching in. All the best and cheers,


Dear dr.cox,
I aplogize to you my information will get nowhere.
You do not want to start operations manually, unexpected circumstances for me.
(Vocational work as a concert Flutist, operating principle is manual operative method.) Excurse !!

I think it is probably true to say that you have already navigated through those informations.
I hope I do not bringing owls to Athens.

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Respectfully, WAKAMATSU

I apologize if you felt like your input was not valued. That is certainly not the case. I was thinking that as a user of KM you would appreciate to automate actions where possible and avoid needless clicks and navigation.

Thanks for the links. Will check them out. I was not aware of those contents.

Respectfully cheers,


Dear dr.cox,
It does not matter.
Have a glimpse here, if you have an interest in Keyboard Maestro automatic macro.

Create Markdown link with automatic affiliate codes - Macro Library - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

Respectfully, WAKAMATSU