With Finder in Column view & hook://file target a folder, & RHLTiF is enabled, Hook opens parent folder but does not select target folder

I’m trying out Hook have text links to folders.
Whenever I click on the link, hook takes me to the parent folder of the folder I actually linked to, instead of the folder that I actually linked to.

Even though the link clearly states the correct name of the folder.
Doesn’t happen with files, just folders.

Anybody else is seeing this behavior?

running on macOS 10.15.5

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @BRVLN.

So " Reveal hook://file link targets in Finder" is enabled, right?

do the names of the folders match? e.g., of the form foo/foo/foo?

Are these links you created on the same Mac, or a different Mac?

Note added 2020-08-25 (based on Comment 9), I renamed this topic and filed it into Bug Reports category.


No. They are all deferent names.

Yup. Same mac. Just copying the link to my todo application to have easy access to them.

I even tried linking a folder on my desktop and the link just opened my desktop folder.
So weird…

If I disable " Reveal hook://file link targets in Finder" then I get the correct folder. When it’s enabled it’s going one folder up.

Unfortunately, this is not a solution since I don’t want it to open any files but just show them. So that would limit me to using Hook just for folders.

Even without creating a link and just triggering Hook and selecting “reveal in finder” results in the parent folder opening instead of the folder I’ve selected. (regardless of the “Reveal hook in finder” option status).
So it seems to be a bug with revealing a folder.

Sorry for the multiple updates. Just trying to give you as much information as possible.


many thanks for these details. We haven’t been able to reproduce the problem ourselves so far. A developer of ours asked me:

Could you ask the user if the link is created recently? Hook version, He is trying out, i guess it is the latest one. But just to be sure.

Also, screenshot if possible.

could you please also include a full hook://file URL that led to the screenshot, including the path that is selected by Hook , i.e., with Finder > View menu > Show Path Bar enabled?

Sorry for all this trouble. And thanks again. We look forward to figuring out what the underlying issue is.

You could send us the screenshot and URL as a forum PIM or email to support@cogsciapps.com

Thanks, @LucB!
I sent out an email with the information you requested to the email you gave me. (can’t send PIM yet on the forum).

Anyways I am using the latest version of Hook.
Hopefully we’ll be able to figure this out :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information, @BRVLN. I’ve looked at this more closely. This command is behaving as specified:

You can configure whether opening a .hook file that contains a hook://file URL reveals the target file in the Finder, or opens it.

Whether the hook://file/ points to a folder or a file, the behavior is the same when configured to reveal the file in the target in the Finder. So, if Hook is set to reveal the target, when users activate the hook://file link, Hook opens the parent folder and selects the target. Whether the target is a file or folder, the effect is the same, which keeps things simple.

For users who would like to automatically open the folder on activating the link, they would either need to disable the checkbox, or create hook://file links to an item inside the folder.

Otherwise, we’d need to provide an additional preference like “if the target is a folder, don’t just reveal it but open it”. But I think the feature is currently subtle enough. Maybe an advanced (hidden) preference in the future.

Thanks for the reply @LucB!
I totally get it. I would love to see that feature in the future.

With that being said, when I do select a file to reveal, then it is indeed selected when opening a hook file (or link) where if the item I’m hooking to is a folder, then I get the parent folder, but the folder I’m linking to, is not selected.

So I guess at the very least I would like Hook to open the parent folder, but have the folder I was linking to selected (much like it would with a file).

(Does that make sense at all? :sweat_smile:)

Do you think that is a more reasonable feature to add?


We’ve been able to replicate the issue if Finder is set to Columns view (at least for one folder) rather than Finder’s List view. Apparently none of us here use columns view. Other views are fine.

i.e., if the target is a folder and the folder is in in Columns view, then opening the hook://file link to it opens the parent folder, but does not select the target.

Are you seeing the issue only in Column view, @BRVLN?

Unfortunately, that is the only view I use :sob:
Can’t look at any other view (habits :wink:)…

Do you think that is something fixable?

We use Apple’s API. I don’t know why it would cause a different result in that case. We’ll have a look.

Thank you, @LucB!
I appreciate that!

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