Wish: Youtube Hook Help ordered playlist

Hello, it would be nice if you created a separate youtube playlist with all help videos in proper order as per below (including the videos in submenus). thank you


Thanks for asking, @ronny213 . Do you mean apart from: Hook App Videos – Hook?

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No, I mean precisely Hook App Videos – Hook .
As I am going through the videos, I have another comment.
I have reconfigured my caps key with karabiner elements and have been using keyboard maestro for many years, so I am very familiar with both apps.
I am surprised (stunned would be a better word) that in the most basic introductory videos, the presenter spends time talking about reconfiguring the caps key (when creating a shortcut in preferences) with karabiner elements and keyboard maestro scripts elsewhere to make things easier (or something to that effect). How do you think someone unfamiliar with kababiner elements will react when he seems “⇧⌃⌥ ⌘J” entered as a shortcut as shown in the video ?. I am sure that it confuses many beginners and discourages some.
It’s like self sabotage. It makes absolutely no sense. Nobody does that.
thank you

thanks for your candid feedback, @ronny213 . I certainly agree intro’s need to be easier.

We’ll likely make the default shortcut ^H, which we should have done from day one. Live and learn.

Every release we aim to facilitate onboarding. 3.2 has a few things for that, as will 3.3. And 4.0 . All are actively in the works, along with more.

updated 2021-07-16 09:55 PT: replaced “3” with “3.3”

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FYI: I’ve moved this to the Site Feedback forum category.

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