Will the coming Hookmark in iOS support creating link in ios?

Is it technically doable? Like you can create deep link from pdf when you read it on iPad. (Assume pdf is stored in iCloud and opened by say pdfpenpro) And copy that link to note taking app.

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I’m also curious about this.

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @gs23. We haven’t published a lot of details about it. Sorry to be quiet about this. If you’re in Testflight, you’ll need to ask that through the channels we provided.

If a document is in the Files app, there’s no link, courtesy of iOS limitations.

I am the de facto systems developer where I work, and since we use Dropbox to share work files, I made Hookmark a part of our system so we can share links in Slack. Some people still post Dropbox links, but for working files, we end up creating too many duplicate files. Hookmark (generally) works great for everyone, except that the owner of the company decided he wanted to use an iPad as his primary device, and he expresses consternation that he’s left out. He would have us use Dropbox links exclusively since they work for him, but I would like to create another option.

@LucB you mention that Files doesn’t play well, but what about Dropbox app on iOS. Is that the solution my employer has been waiting for? If so, how do I get him on the Beta?

Do you mean the Dropbox link looks like this:

Thank you!

Yes, that kind. The kind that is available from a cntl+click contextual menu “Copy Dropbox Link”

Dropbox links will work in Hookmark iOS.

To access Hookmark iOS beta, could he send an email to support@cogsciapps.com?

Thank you

Yes, I know dropbox links work in iOS. Our office works primarily on Macs, and we use Hookmark, but the owner works on an iPad (iOS), so none of the Hookmark links that everyone else in the office creates work for him. My workaround may be that everyone has to create and share BOTH a Hookmark link and a Dropbox link, but I really want to avoid that.

My hope was that Hook for iOS might be clever enough to make Hookmark links made on Mac work on iOS, possibly by making use of the Dropbox link somehow,.

I am not sure Hookmark is able to do that. But we will have a look.

Thank you

Because iOS’s restriction, Hookmark.iOS cannot do this at this moment. We are working on a solution that makes sharing Dropbox links across devices smoothly.