"Where is hook?" window showing up

I uninstalled Hookmark because it was using 100% CPU consistently and running the fans full throttle. I don’t see what I missed, but I still get a window showing up asking me to choose an application for “Hook” (not Hookmark).

What’s causing this and how do I remove it?

Sorry for the trouble.

Could you please check in Activity Monitor and see if Hookmark process or any AppleScript is still running? If yes, you can kill it.

Thank you

Force quitting Hookmark using Activity Monitor and relaunching it would likely solve the problem. If not could you please Take a Process Sample of Hookmark with Activity Monitor app – Hookmark. If you can tell which app the problem shows up in first that would help.

I’ve sent you the process sample file two weeks ago and haven’t heard back. Any progress on this issue?

Sorry for the delay. We are activity working on. Is there any other processes or programs that modify folders and files at the same time? If so, please try to stop these programs. You can use Activity Monitor → Disk to see how heavy the disk is being accessed.